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A web comic about a group of (NOT) adventurers surviving on their wits, or when those fail by using hair brained schemes for fame, fortune, or at least an entertaining afternoon. Art by Saundra K. Moore, story by Kevin-Michael Strasser. Updated every Saturday! All work Copyright Saundra Moore and Kevin Strasser

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Recent changes for the better! - October 27th, 2010, 8:42 am

We here at Half Action have been working hard the last few days to add substance to our humble website and web comic.

First, as I mentioned in yesterday's news post, we've increased our update schedule officially to Wednesday and Friday (from our unofficial bi-weekly schedule.) I hope that gives some folks things to look forward too!

You'll notice we've also added a character page with "Sheets" for all of our primary characters, and a few secondary characters as well! Just hit the characters link, and off you'll go!

We also are now listed on the Top Web Comic's list. If you wouldn't mind taking the time to hit the vote button, you'll get a nice image to look at by the end of things!

Also, due purely to mundane considerations, we added a donate button. We need to pay for the pens we draw with somehow, after all!

We'll be adding more things over the next week or three, so be on the look out for them and please, come visit us as much as you can!

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