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A web comic about a group of (NOT) adventurers surviving on their wits, or when those fail by using hair brained schemes for fame, fortune, or at least an entertaining afternoon. Art by Saundra K. Moore, story by Kevin-Michael Strasser. Updated every Saturday! All work Copyright Saundra Moore and Kevin Strasser

Comics - Bridgewater Fire/Zombie Brigade

We'll just let you wonder why... shall we?

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Creator's Comments:

Kevin, December 2nd, 2010, 10:59 pm |
A few notes that occur to me... - First off, I believe no one is aware of the fact that, if you wish to comment on something you see here, you can simply by choosing to comment. There's a little link under what I'm saying here that lets you do it. Just keep it clean (And if you can be nice to us, I'd appreciate it too!)

We have some things in the works, in an effort to build a community for Half Action, so keep an eye out for changes, or even new links, popping up in the near future!

Last, but not least, you'll notice both a button to Vote for us.. this can get us more readers so please PLEASE vote.... and also a donate button. If you like what you see, a tip might be nice. I know we didn't bring you a steak, but every little bit helps.

(makes note to get monkey with cup and a grind box as soon as possible) Advertisement, July 21st, 2018, 6:31 am |

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